1. How to acknowledge price at Jacketsdesire.com?

To make it simple and easy for the buyers, we have colored every jacket’s price in “Red” shade, so that you can easily trace down the selling price.

2. How to pay if I like to buy any jacket at Jacketsdesire.com?

For the satisfaction of our online customers, we now accept PayPal payments via all major credit cards, in this way you will get secure transaction. You can also use debit and credit cards at our online store.

3. How to modify the order after making online payment?

Any amendment can be merely performed within a day after you pay for your order. Our system forwards your jacket’s order directly to our premises for production and can be stopped within only a day, if you wish to make any changes!

4. Where can I verify my jacket’s information?

We will email your order verification, along with your order confirmation, the paid amount and your order number at your given email address.

5. Do you mail jackets all across the world?

We offer Free worldwide delivery, which comes with 30 days return/exchange offer. We provide the best available delivery services and to make it more convenient for you we use the services of DHL, UPS and FedEx.

6. Is ordering at Jacketsdesire.com safe?

To make every deal secure and contented, we use highly secured PayPal checkout to make online payment safe and secure.

7. How long it takes to get the jacket?

Since we use quick services, it will take 8 to 12 days right from the order confirmation. Please go thoroughly to our Shipping Policy with all details.

8. How can I check history of my purchases?

After you make online account with us, you can simply access your account from “My Account” link. Enter your ID and password to go through the full purchase history and details.

9. From where you get your leather for jackets?

We import our leather from the top-ranking leather hides providers, which we convert into an exceptional quality leather jackets as you can see yourself at our website.

10. How to contact Jacketsdesire.com if there is any question?

Our customer care team at Jacketsdesire is available 24 hours a day via email. Simply your queries at: sales@jacketsdesire.com

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