Jacketsdesire.com wants to mention this that there might be a slight difference in the size or color, as we prepare every jacket according to customer’s size and availability of color. We certainly Don’t offer Money back refunds/returns/ for any wrong size or color for any custom made order. It is very important that you must submit your correct body size before placing the order. In this order you can check our size chart having all size information. But still If you have any query, don’t hesitate to email us sales@jacketsdesire.com.

1. What to do if my jacket doesn’t fits properly?

In that issue, you can return the jacket in 7 days in the exact condition like we originally sent, and you will get a fresh and proper jacket with the accurate size. Its shipping will be definitely borne by you.

2.  Kindly keep in the knowledge that we Don’t give refunds/exchange if you purchase two jackets at the same time. This is to prevent the practice of purchasing two different jackets at a time and select only one and return the other.

3.  After placing order, you can change the jacket size within the 24 hours before it goes to our processing premises.

4. Your request for the cancellation of order will be only entertained as per these company’s conditions:

a.If you decide to cancel any jacket’s order within 3 days, there will be a deduction of 25% of the total amount.

b.But, if you decide to cancel an order within 7 days, there will be a 45% deduction of the total amount.

c. Once your order passes the 7 days period right from the order confirmation, you cannot cancel it, as it goes under production level.

5. Before shipping out your jacket, we confirm the quality standards. If it is damaged before or during the shipping process, you will of course get a new piece with speedy delivery at our cost.

6. Refunds are given only in case if it takes more than 29 days after receiving customer’s payment. If the delivery of your jackets is misplaced and we cannot verify the dispatch info, then we will grant a full refund including shipment cost back to your account.

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